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Clean Water Here Social Media Voice Tops 228 Million

Driving Force Behind UN World Water Day Garners Impressive List of Celebrities to Lend Voice to Promote Access to Safe Drinking Water

DENVER – January 24, 2017 – Celebrity attention continues to pour in for the Clean Water Here social media campaign – a global movement originating in the United States to help people understand the nature and scope of the worldwide water crisis by promoting safe drinking water here at home.

To date, the celebrity social media voice supporting the campaign tops a reach of more than 228 million. Worldwide sensations announced today who are onboard with the effort include Sting, Maroon 5, Halsey, Sara Bareilles and Pentatonix. This new collection of inspiring influencers joins the initial list of supporting celebrities: Pitbull, Juanes, Andra Day, J Balvin and Maná.

“When you think about the influence these stars wield, we know that we’re moving the needle in a major way for safe drinking water,” said Lani Dolifka, the co-creator of Clean Water Here and CEO of Watermill Express, the largest drive-up pure drinking water company in the United States. “There are far, far too many U.S. communities and residents in the news these days that still do not have easy access to safe drinking water. We can’t thank our celebrity supporters enough.”

The general public is strongly encouraged to lend their own social media voice. Anyone seeking to join should visit:

Culminating on March 22, 2017 – UN World Water Day, the celebrity driven campaign will help people understand the nature and scope of the global water crisis by promoting safe drinking water here at home.  UN World Water Day is coordinated by UN Water and the 2017 campaign is led by UN Environment, UN-HABITAT, United Nations University and the World Health Organization.  Leading clean water expert Dr. Greg Allgood, the vice president of water for World Vision who has spent more than a quarter century professionally leading efforts to provide safe drinking water in the developing world, is actively supporting the Clean Water Here initiative.

The Clean Water Here initiative educates the public about this important issue. As part of the campaign, dignitaries, celebrities and the public are encouraged to lend their own social media voices to create the largest U.S. clean drinking water social media campaign in history.

Clean Water Here co-creator David Clark is also the founder of Water Now, which for the last two years has been the largest celebration of UN World Water Day.  The combined social-media voice of Water Now exceeded one and a half billion people, with supporters who included the United Nations, Lady Gaga, Ryan Seacrest, Pharrell Williams, Alicia Keys, Pitbull, Britney Spears, Fergie, Justin Bieber, Maroon 5, One Direction and Sesame Street.


Clean Water Here

Clean Water Here’s mission is to improve the world’s access to sustainable safe drinking water by raising awareness, supporting research & education, and advocating for underserved communities in the US and abroad.  Research indicates risks associated with contaminants, infrastructure, and universal and equitable access. For more information visit

UN World Water Day

World Water Day has been observed on March 22 since 1993 when the United Nations General Assembly declared March 22 as “World Day for Water” and is coordinated by UN-Water. The United Nations and its 193 member states devote this day to implementing UN recommendations and promoting concrete activities within their countries regarding the world’s water resources. In addition to the UN Member States, a number of NGOs promoting clean water leverage World Water Day as a time to focus public attention on the critical water issues of our era.  For more information visit

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